Welcome to the UK Beauty Training Academy FREE online Gel Polish course.

On this course you will learn the Health and Safety, Structure & Function of Skin, Skin Analysis & Types, Fitzpatrick Scale, Purpose & Benefits of Skin Needling, Skin Needling procedure, Preparing Work Area & Client, Consultation, Wound Healing Response, Contraindications, Aftercare for Skin Needling

Blended Learning - E-Learning Theory & Practical Training in Academy Included 

No specific qualifications and/or experience is required, however a keen interest in the beauty industry is desirable.

We strongly recommend that you check with an insurance provider to confirm that upon certification you will be insurable as a practitioner.

We are partnered with Insync (https://insyncinsurance.co.uk/) and Movo (https://www.movoinsurance.com/).

Available Classroom Based Learning - E-Learning Theory & in Academy Practical training at a later date.

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