Welcome to the UK Beauty Training Academy Biotin B7 course.

On this course you will learn the Health & Safety, Anatomy of Skin, What is Biotin B7, Forms of Biotin B7, Benefits of Biotin B7, Contraindications, Common Injection Sites, How to Administer, Aftercare for Biotin (B7)

Blended Learning Course - E-Learning Theory & Practical Training in Academy included

Qualifications and/or previous experience includes Medical qualifications (doctor, nurse, dentist etc). OR,

6 months experience in Advanced Beauty Techniques that penetrate the skin (including Skin needling, Mesotherapy and Micropigmentation, and Anatomy and Physiology) OR,

12 months experience in Semi-Permanent Makeup with Anatomy and Physiology Training OR

Level 3 Beauty Therapy: General Route.

We strongly recommend that you check with an insurance provider to confirm that upon certification you will be insurable as a practitioner.

We are partnered with Insync (https://insyncinsurance.co.uk/and Movo (https://www.movoinsurance.com/).

Biotin B7 Injections Course Curriculum

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